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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: I placed my order, when will it ship?

A: Typically items are made to order. Check the item listing for the turnaround time, under the title "AVAILABILITY". Please note that the turnaround time refers to business days. If you have created an account with us, you will see your order status there. We will also send you a separate email when your item actually ships. If you have purchased as a guest, we will send you an shipping email and/or text notification.

Q: I changed my mind, how can I cancel my order? 

A: Generally, we do not cancel orders after the 24-48 hr. window following processing of the order. 



Q: Can I customize an NKHenry product? Im interested in changing the size, fabric etc of a particular item.

A. Customers can request customized sizes, leather skins etc. for certain items. There will be an additional charge for such customizations. Keep in mind that some items can only be made larger to a certain point due to the size of leather skins. AT THIS TIME we only accept custom requests for the BIG GIRL KELLEY clutch collection.



Q: I purchased a leather clutch. How do I keep it looking good?

A: We suggest wiping the bag with a lint free cloth as needed if you carry the bag regularly and using a leather conditioner every couple of months to maintain luster. Keep the bag stored in a dustbag to maintain color integrity. 

 Q: How do I protect my denim bag from spills, stains etc?

A: We treat our denim items with Scotchguard prior to shipping and we suggest applying a similar treatment every 90 days. In between treatments, dry clean for general cleaning and spot clean using a mild detergent as needed. Do not rub detergents into the fabric. Clean by applying light downward strokes.