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Grey kimono cardigan
Cotton kimono jacket
Women's grey cardigan


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You'll live in this chic kimono {nearly) all year round!

A cotton kimono... why yes! Breathable and lightweight, this kimono pairs well with most Casual. Chic looks. The color is graphite grey, which is a dark grey with a purplish tint. The edges of the sleeves and the bottom are raw (unfinished) so that they roll up giving it a chic, minimalist look.The fabric is cotton with a pigment dyed matte texture.

Here's a few style ideas...

Spring/Summer - Pair it with tank tops and cut off. Great for when you're in air conditioned spaces or lounging at the beach or pool.

Fall- Close it up and wear it over a sheath dress or a maxi dress with a skinny belt...

👉SIZELESS! One size fits most👈
NOTE: Recommended for sizes 6-12. 
You'll love this---This kimono is not overpowering on the frame like our longer kimonos, so petite women should expect a comfortable fit.

Approx. 49" wide x 26.5" long
Care: Machine was gentle, cool water hang to dry

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